What Foods Get You Horny?

Sex starts in your thoughts, then makes it way down to your cock, tits and pussy.

Thoughts are contiguous with the brain.

The brain needs nutrients to precipitate great PHOCKING.

Great PHOCKING needs these nutrients to manufacture the brain chemicals necessary to stimulate the pleasure-making neural pathways all the way down to the biochemical impulses of orgasm.

Sexual arousal is more than a feeling between your legs.

It’s a time and a place, belief systems, energy, hormones, nutrients, biochemistry and of course, two people or perhaps the sight of an object which, triggers a memory.

The number one catalyst is your diet. The food you eat is the chief aphrodisiac that makes your nipples grow erect, that makes you moist and that make you have that 4-hour erection. Other foods can make you simply turned off.

But there’s more.

Recent studies show we now have learned how to trick the brain into manufacturing the brain chemicals that are more conducive to lovemaking. And these trigger the “reptilian brain,” the brain that was active during our Tarzan days when sex was more important than money because the race had to survive.

Nature built in this powerful sex drive, these powerful neurotransmitters fire every second in every one of us all the time. We are the horniest animals on the planet with weird mating rituals and if we could just out right hump each other and get that satisfaction right then and there without all the bullshit-we all might be more sane and lead healthy lives. Since these cave man days our diets have changed.

America eats fast food 5 times a week for almost every meal. The meat is usually soy-based or fed soybeans and the estrogens and trans fats screw up your horny hormones.

So my men, I think it’s just a conspiracy to make you feminine. This way you can be more passive. Man-bitches. Pretty soon you will be the one nagging her to take out the garbage. This type of control over you can be changed and let me explain how.

When you begin to supplement nutrition that triggers the horny neurotransmitters results will begin in the first month and build slowly as your body starts to appreciate the raw material. As nature begins to take root let the fullness slowly improve everything you do…

I’m going to give you a variety of foods for you to incorporate right now into your diet easily.

The first food I’m going to talk about is honey.

Don’t keep the bottle in the fridge. Honey should be warm, sweet, sticky like the first time you didn’t use a condom.

Honey is made from flower nectar, created in the stomach of the bee, digested into fructose that is used into energy to simulate desire. Fructose is also a part of the male sperm. It gives energy to the whipping tales on their way up to the egg.

Fructose is instantly created into sexual energy and burned as body energy right away. It goes straight to the male organs, it’s the fastest source to male potency.

In old traditional Tantra cultures, conjugal bliss begins with a honey wine and a honey bread.

The Perfumed Garden also says to add 20 almonds and 100 pine nuts.

Almonds contain protein, calcium, potassium, B1 B2 B3 and phosphorus. Mix this with some honey and you can see why the authors of The Perfumed Garden knew what they were talking about.

Dip your fingers in honey and have your lover slowly lick them off.

Remember, honey is NOT a lubricant. Honey is a natural, cheap, and often startling aphrodisiac for use with free-will abandon by both lovers.

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